Welcome to Waropolis!
Name Value
Experience Stages
Skills x12
Magic x3
Loot x4
Spawn x2
Experience Stages
From level To level Rate
1 20 x25
21 50 x20
51 75 x10
PvP Informations

World Type: PvP-Enforced with Skulls, Experience from Players Enabled.

Spells and Runes

Mana usages for all spells and runes are currently set to 7.4. Mana fluids give 100~ mana. This was requested by players.


Use !warmode to active and de-active. Once a player enters into war mode they cannot leave for 24 hours.
Players who kill other players in War Mode do not receive unjustified frags. Kill an unaggressive player in Warmode when your war mode is de-active, and it will activate.

Waropolis Premium

CIPSOFT PREMIUM IS ALWAYS FREE HERE! Nonpremium players can access ALL the premium Cipsoft content. Waropolis premium is different! 

Allows premium commands
Ability to use addons
Half price boat
Access to Demona portal.


Red Skull=4 Kills in 24 hours.
PK Ban=7 Kills in 24 hours.
Use !warmode to war without taking redskull!

Premium Free
!premium !go
!bpblanks !buyhouse/!sellhouse/!leavehouse/!houseinfo
!rope !frags
!shovel !share
!pick !canshare
Power Abuse Frags

Kill 3 low level players in 24 hours and you will receive a Power Abuse ban for 24-48 hours. Counter resets every 24 hours.


No Name

1. Boh quest - level 60: bring 2 ppl!
2. Heros - demons - basilisk
3. POH dragon quest
4. POH Spider queen quest
5. Warlock spawn
6. Necromancer and vampire + hidden quest
7. Earth golems (easy)
8. Revamped dragons/dragonlords
9. Gorgons (like dragons)
10. Turtlesaurus (Hard)
11. Edited hero spawn
12. Minotaur 10k quest
13. Drefia Terram quest
14. Edited necro spawn/vampirehell
15. Edited ank dragon more dls
16. Edited ank dragon more dls
17. Hydras up the mountains
18. Boosted oasis tomb
19. boosted penn tomb
20. Boost ruin tomb
21. DSM quest
22. Dl spawn


Tasks are automatic, there is no need to talk to an NPC. Tasks are credited into your backpack and experience automatically upon completion.

    Current Arena Map