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Legendary items

Legendary items are the rarest and most valuable objects that can be obtained in a game. There is only one of each Legendary item in existence, making them exclusive and highly sought after. These items often have unique powers or abilities that can give the player a significant advantage in gameplay. Owning a Legendary item can be a mark of prestige and can show other players that you are a skilled and accomplished player. Legendary items may also have special effects or animations that make them visually appealing and fun to use. In addition, the Amulet of Loss protects the owner from losing their Legendary item upon death.

some golden fruits

No players own this item.

magic longsword

It is the magic Cyclopmania Sword.

great axe

A masterpiece of a dwarven smith.

No players own this item.

winged helmet

It is the Helmet of Hermes.

No players own this item.

blessed shield

The shield grants divine protection.

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